Maternity Style

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This pregnancy is all about trying my best to combine comfort with style. Not going to lie, most days I end up staying in my workout clothing because what is more comfortable then leggings & Nike's?? But I do try to look some what put together when I am out and about! I have about 3 months left of this pregnancy so I don't really want to be dropping tons of money on maternity clothing unless it is necessary.

I love that loose, tunics are in style right now! I already own a bunch so they have been my go-to! They are long enough to cover my growing belly & loose enough that I don't feel like I am ruining any of them by stretching them out. I feel like they tend to hide the bump a little more which is great in the first trimester when you are in the awkward pregnancy stage where no one is really sure if you put on a couple pounds or are actually pregnant!
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Now let's talk maternity jeans... I have searched for some decent looking and fitting maternity jeans but have yet to find any that I really love. So I decided just buy some jean/jeggings that are a few sizes bigger than I normally wear. I love Flying Monkey Jeans because of the amazing stretch in them! They are SO comfortable! Then once my belly outgrows the jeans I just throw on a belly band!
Jeans // Flying Monkey via: Target
Belly Band // Target

For shoes I have been buying mostly flats or a slight wedge, just so I can chase other children around with my big belly! These are flats are my new FAV! I am so tempted to buy them in other colors too!!
Shoes: Steve Madden

And my little side kick had to show off her cute outfit from Hazzard Lane Clothing!
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7 Responses to “Maternity Style”

  1. 4/20 blaze it am i right
    just kidding love th3 hair lol XD

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  3. I like your girl picture.she look nice. I truly love your best maternity jeans

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